Monday, November 09, 2009

Google Wave Kinda Sucks

While I don't like to badmouth Google, as their stock has done very well for me over the past few months (search "Bing," and click the yellowish link, then close the window. repeat ad infinitum), Wave kinda sucks.

If you didn't know, Wave is kind of an email/social network service. You create a conversation, or "wave" with any number of friends...which due to wave still being under development with limited invites is very low, as if people who want me to be able to directly contact them arent't scarce enough. In this wave, anyone can edit the text in real time, add remarks, or add multimedia.

Is there some sort of desktop app for it or something? Now I have to check my gmail, my rugby email address, fantasy football, facebook, & wave? Why is it not just part of gmail?

And it fucking shows what you're typing in real time, which is by far the dumbest concept I've ever seen. I guess in like...a business setting it could be good if 50 people were editing one wave so you don't have everyone list the same thing at once, but christ, come often is technology used for business, progress, or productivity? While constantly seeing people online could be confused as them using the interweb for something worthwhile, from the amount of links they send me during those hours, I am certain it is not.

Does everyone really need to know that I have no idea how to spell the vast majority of words I use, and often spend much longer than is appropriate for anyone my age, regardless of education, to spell "definitely," which always comes out as "definately," and I'm always confused as to why spellcheck doesn't recognize it, as if any letter in there is correct in my mind, that letter is the A.

But yeah...I'll be sending out invites when I get them...maybe it will be cooler if there's a ton of people "waving" or whatever the hell the verb for it is/will be. Knowing the amount of socially unacceptable filth that chain emails were obviously invented for carrying, maybe the live feed will be specfanfuckingtastacular.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

"My Grandma's having her funeral tomorrow."

My Grandma died last weekend.
I think I may be pretty jaded. I haven't been upset, it's just what I expect people to do. Especially the old ones, so I'm not real into having people feel sorry for me or anything, which is why I've started phrasing my response as to why I'm not doing anything for Halloween with Grandma in the present tense, as if she is alive and well, throwing her own bash.

It also made me decide that I don't want to die in a hospital, although I can't seem to buy a DNR bracelet online. Stupid sanctity of live. Rather than being all drugged up with people taking blood samples all the time....check that, I would like to go out all drugged up...but rather than having relatives coming around to be sad, I'd rather be trapped in some cave in the wilderness, scared, desperate, cold and hungry, possibly cornered by a bear that I had attempted to befriend. Eventually I would manage to kill my brethren bear, and would attempt to crawl for safety, but I'd be too weak and die crawling up a hill, close enough to hear the traffic from a busy highway just on the other side.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent Clones

After 6 weeks in a cast from foot surgery and after a few weeks of being fairly hobbled, plus a break in coaching for a few days, I decided to clean the fuck out of my house.

While cleaning, I discovered not only a hairbrush containing what is obviously my mom's hair and one of my dad's wisdom teeth, which I guess they didn't dispose of as bio-waste in the 60's, as I was always fascinated by them and dismayed when I was not allowed to keep my teeth...although in retrospect, it may just be that anything coming out of me could be considered some sort of biohazard.

Anyways, it got me to thinking...what if I could somehow clone my parents and raise them as my own? Being that they raised me, my parenting would be modeled from theirs in some way, shape or form. While their environment would be different from their own childhoods, they'd be raised in the same one that I was. Would they turn out similar to their original selves, or degenerate rugby players just like any of my birth children will be?

Furthermore, would they fall in love due to genetics and spawn another me? And after breeding with their sibling, could I have them sent to some sort of correctional facility and raise my grandself? and how exponentially kick-ass would Goody/B turn out after being raised by Goody/A?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sean and I woke up around 1pm yesterday (we had to haggle with the indian innkeeper. When we were checking in at 6 he told us checkout time was 11 and if we wanted the room for the next day, we would have to wait until after 11 to check in.)

We drove about 4 hours to Chicago, which one slight scare where I passed a cop going 75 in a 70 and he started to back up a little.

Anyway, we arrived at Bucky's house, drank 2 beers with the neighbor and Lynnette, then headed up to my Uncle Glenn's house, were we hung out with my 4 year old cousin, delivered a bike from my other uncle, and ate several courses of chinese food. On the menu was an entire chicken, a lobster, shrimp stir fry, fried shrimp, fish, and rice. And potatoes, corn, and greenbeans (in case people from Lancaster Co. don't like rice, as apparently my grandpa doesn't eat rice.

Then we came back to Bucky's and discussed the fate of the Ursinus College Men's rugby team, and what we would have done had alumni contributed any significant amount of money to us. We decided we would have purchased a condemned house in inner city Detroit, then relocated our operations to there.

We're headed downtown to see those shiney ball things that everyone has their picture taken with while they're in Chicago (i know how to spell "shiny," but think it looks better with an "e."), maybe to the Maproom, a brewpub, ride the El, then head back on the road after dinner to begin the 16 hour trek to Colorado.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We just flew in from Pennsylvania...

and boy are the State Troopers tired of us!

After 450 miles, 9 hours, and two speeding tickets, Sean and I ended up in a cheap hotel, approximately in Toledo, OH.

Sean: "how much is it for the night?"
Indian Clerk: "50 for one bed, 55 for two"
Sean: "ok, sounds good"
Clerk: "Ok, so two rooms"
Sean: "no, just one, with two double beds...or single beds...any kind of bed"
Goody: "I just don't want to sleep in the same bed as him."
Clerk: "ok, so one room with a double bed."
Goody & Sean: "no, two beds, two beds!"

There was something else I was going to make note of last night that seemed really funny, but I can't remember it and it was probably only funny if you had been awake for 24 hours.

Alright, I'm going to see if I can rally Sean for the final 3 hours to Chicago.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It begins.

After a long day of work, and us discovering that Sean neglected to take off tomorrow, we are on our way. We plan about 4-5 hours tonight, then hit Chitown noonish tomorrow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ok, so it's been 2 months without any actual content. If anyone checks this, sorry...writing in this blog might count as something productive, so I've been wasting my time reading emails that people for some reason forward to me, falling for phishing scams, generating angry emails to the gas station that I bought lunch from, downloading music, and otherwise wasting what little time I have away from work/coaching.

Anyways, tomorrow evening, I am departing to points west. After work, Sean and I will be traveling as far as we can towards Chicago, where we will hang out on Tues/Weds with Mr. Bucky "Fucking" Farley from Ursinus Fucking College before departing for Manitou Springs, CO, where we will spend the 21st-24th celebrating Brandon Rutt's wedding on the HIgginbotham Flats..."fishing, hiking, swimming, dancing, and loving." I refuse to fish, limp too badly to hike, and will only dance when I'm there shall be some Imbibing in there too. At the wedding, we will rendezvous with the traveling supertramp Lex Pelger, who has been spending the last few months hitchhiking around the united states.

On the 24th, we will head 5 hours west to Mesa State University, where we will visit my college roommate Crazy Timmy, known to his students as Dr. T-Bone. I expect some hard core imbibing of some Colorado microbrews, and maybe some meathead behavior.

I'm not sure how it will work, but on the evening of Weds the 27th or the morning of the 28th, we will leave on our 15 hour drive to Iowa City to Clay. I talked to him on the phone and had to wait and listen while he shopped for handgun ammunition. I wonder if he has a job or if gradschool pays enough that you can afford handguns? We're going shooting, "like the Iowa rednecks that we are." We'll be there for Friday and Saturday, go to an all day festival with Clay & Tori on sunday.

We were going to drive home 16 hours on Sunday, drop Lex off at his boyhood homestead in an epic ending to his journey, go home and go to work the next day, but Clay assured us that after 16 hours, we wouldn't be able to go to work on monday. So I took that monday off...and then we decided to stay for the concert..and now we'll be driving home on monday and all cracked out on tuesday...but yeah, i want to keep this updated for the trip. Not sure how possible that will be, but something of this magnitude should be documented.

PS. in a nice back story, Dan Shaw will be housesitting, stealing my car, and living in Lititz. While I fear for my beer collection, I look forward to hearing about Dan's travels, navigated by the map I sketched this morning high lighting fastfood, bars, beer stores of the area while I drank a Beer Geek Breakfast Stout in bed.